Press Release

C&D Technologies Opens Plant in Jiangsu, China

On June 8, 2017, the grand opening ceremony for a new plant of C&D was held in Pizhou plant, Jiangsu province. Over 350 industrial leaders from the countries and regions in Asia (including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, India and Malaysia etc) and representatives from the local government attended the ceremony and witnessed together one of the most important historic moments in the development of C&D.

Distinguished leaders and guests attended the ceremony, including Mr. Armand, CEO of C&D Group, Mr. Peter Gingold & Mr. Joseph Goldschmid director of AG, the investor of C&D group, Chun Lauener, president of C&D Asia-pacific and MD of C&D’s Jiangsu plant, Mr. Jon Anderson, CTO of C&D Group, Mr. Yang Chunming, president of New Chunxing Group, Mr. Tang Jian, Mayor of the People's Government of Pizhou, and Mr. Chen Wei, deputy mayor of Pizhou.

C&D Technologies Jiangsu Co., Ltd. (Pizhou plant) locates in the Renewable Economy Industrial Park in Pizhou city, Jiangsu province. With a total investment of 118 million USD, the plant covers an area of 115,000 square meters, with a floor space of 21,000 square meters. The plant is equipped with two automatic small battery production lines and one COS10, the most advanced automatic production line in the world. The planned production capacity of Phase I in Pizhou plant is 1.50 million KVAh, which will go into the trial production this July and into full production in October. It is expected that the design production capacity should reach at the end of 2017; Designed capacity of Phase II is 3 million KVAh.

Chun Lauener, on behalf of C&D, said in the ceremony, “It’s my great honor to express our sincere gratitude to the people coming from afar despite their busy work for attending the opening ceremony of C&D Pizhou production base. Today, it’s my great pleasure to share with you the joy in the opening of Pizhou plant and we’d like to thank the administrators at various levels and the partners that care for the development of C&D. It is your support that makes us take a crucial and great step in the development of C&D! ”

Mr. Yang Chunming, President of New Chunxing Group, said that C&D, a large global enterprise with a history of more than one hundred years, owned considerable advantages in technologies, brand awareness and reputation. New Chunxing is a leading company in China’s environmental economy and renewable economy. The cooperation between the two giants can obtain complementary advantages and C&D’s Pizhou plant project serves as a milestone for New Chunxing. C&D Technologies Jiangsu Co., Ltd. will uphold the idea of green development, prioritize environmental and eco-friendly measures, implement modern management and give play to the advantages of C&D brand, aiming to build a first-class energy enterprise in the world.

“Excellent team, advanced ideas and quality products are the important factors that support and expand C&D in the fierce market competition! C&D battery, as a complement link and strong link in the energy-saving and environmental protection industry, will be an exemplar that complements the advantages of Jiangsu New Chunxing Group and achieves win-win results. C&D especially focuses on the environmental protection with the equal emphases on the economic benefits and ecological benefits, which is in line with the ideas of ‘ecology first and green development’ in Pizhou. The establishment of C&D’s new plant in Pizhou will promote the development of the urban economy and open a new chapter in the cooperation and mutual benefits!”, Mr. Tang Jian, mayor of the People’s Government of Pizhou, addressed the audience.