C&D Launches Pure Lead Plus UPS Battery for Data Centers

Thanks to proprietary paste and grid technology, C&D Technologies’ advanced VRLA batteries reduce battery rack footprint by up to 28% and replacement costs by up to 40%. They also cut cooling costs and last longer than competitive models.

HORSHAM, PENNSYLVANIA—June 28, 2022. C&D Technologies announces the launch of a Pure Lead Plus® VRLA battery to improve backup power for critical data center applications. The batteries optimize data center performance while reducing overall operating costs.

“Unlike competitive VRLA products, which feature improvements in either the paste or the grid, our battery features technological advances in both of these vital components,” says Erick Soares, Global Product Manager – UPS & Data Centers.

After introducing the technology in its msEndur™ VRLA Battery used in telecom applications, doubling its life from 10 to 20 years, the company now engineers it into its Pure Lead Plus Battery.

Understanding the innovations … and the benefits

Using patented MSE technology, the company improved the paste life by 40% over the life in previous and competitive models. The battery’s UPS-recognized grid design channels energy and reduces energy loss. Together, these improvements result in a more reliable, cost-effective battery that significantly reduces grid corrosion and paste dry out which can shorten the life of traditional VRLA batteries.

It also delivers the following advantages over conventional products:

  • Increases life at higher ambient temperatures. Carries a five-year standard warranty at a higher ambient temperature of 86º Fahrenheit (30º Celsius).

  • Lower replacement costs. Cuts replacement costs by up to 40% while decreasing installation costs.

  • Helps meet your sustainability goals. The battery reduces cooling energy costs because it is designed to run at a higher ambient temperature of 86º Fahrenheit (30º Celsius) than traditional VRLA batteries. It is also 98% recyclable.

  • Simplifies operations and maintenance access with our patented True Front Access design. This eliminates the need for multiple contact points, reduces resistance, and streamlines maintenance.

  • Increases flexibility. Unlike most competitive models, C&D Technologies’ battery is designed to handle outages of less than five minutes and can be specified for as low as one minute, without harming long-term performance. This lets users optimize their systems to produce more power or use fewer batteries.

  • Longer storage. It can be stored without boost-charging for up to two years, compared to six months for traditional VRLA products.

  • Enhanced safety. Patented UL-certified flame-arresting vents in each cell reduce risks compared to many models and certain types of batteries. 

About C&D Technologies

C&D Technologies manufactures and designs innovative battery systems for the storage and transmission of electrical power, primarily for standby power applications. The telecom, utilities, cable, broadband, government, infrastructure, UPS, renewable energy, and other mission-critical sectors depend on us to protect their data and keep their systems running. Headquartered in Horsham, Pennsylvania, C&D has a manufacturing facility in the United States, one in Mexico, and one in China as well as a joint venture operation in China. C&D Technologies also owns the Trojan Battery Company.