C&D Technologies Introduces Battery Cabinets for UPS Systems

C&D 8x5 Cabinet FrontAngle-615x415

New battery cabinet solutions provide data center engineers with seamless process to purchase high quality UPS emergency power systems.

Horsham, PA – April 15, 2024. C&D Technologies, a market leader in energy storage, expands its portfolio with the introduction of highly-engineered, factory-assembled battery cabinets that allow C&D to offer integrated battery and cabinet solutions for data center uninterruptable power supply (UPS) backup systems. The new battery cabinet solutions combine high performance with safe and simple maintenance, allowing data center engineers to address emergency power requirements more efficiently.

"C&D Technologies now serves as a single source for configurable battery and cabinet solutions, alleviating a pain point for engineers who determine the final layout and specifications of data centers,” said Karen Pugliese, Vice President, Global Sales for C&D Technologies.

"These solutions continue the tradition of reliability, durability, and performance that has made C&D Technologies an industry leader in data center power backup."

Superior UPS Backup System Performance

Data center engineers realize multiple benefits with the C&D Technologies integrated battery cabinet solutions:

  • Seamless and Convenient. Sophisticated tools, supported by C&D experts, ensure quick turnaround on configured designs to support each customer’s unique requirements. To order, customers only need to issue a single purchase order for the battery and cabinet, streamlining the procurement process.

  • Save Critical Space. The C&D 1005 Pure Lead Battery Cabinet solution can help data centers reduce their battery backup system footprint by up to 28%.

  • Superior Quality. The cabinet offerings have improved cooling profiles to maintain optimal battery life while meeting current UL standards.

  • Safe and Simplified Maintenance. The cabinets can be equipped with C&D True Front Access™ (TFA) designed batteries for safer installation and easier maintenance, due to the TFA layout and Ohmic Ring™ design feature.

About C&D Technologies

C&D Technologies manufactures and designs innovative battery systems for storing and transmitting electrical power, primarily for standby power applications. Telecom, utilities, cable, broadband, government, infrastructure, UPS, renewable energy, and other mission-critical sectors depend on us to protect their data and keep their systems running.

Headquartered in Horsham, Pennsylvania, C&D has manufacturing facilities in the United States, Mexico, and China.. C&D Technologies also owns Trojan Battery Company.