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Providing reliable battery power solutions

Mission-critical applications require a higher caliber of battery and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to support it. C&D provides application-specific solutions to end users, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), and system integrators.

The UPS battery system works in several spaces, including computer rooms, banks and financial institutions, network operations centers, internet hosting sites, industrial processing and control, and medical/emergency facilities. C&D supports the UPS industry by offering a wide range of products to fit each unique application, with products that include:

  • 12V VRLA with a 10+ year design life

  • 12V Pure Lead Plus with a 12+ year design life

  • 2V Pure lead VRLA cells with a 20-year design life

  • High-capacity VLA (Flooded) cells with a 20-year design life


Pure Lead AGM Battery Solutions

Pure Lead UPS Batteries are the safe and sustainable choice to meet your ever-changing needs for innovative and superior-quality products. Pure Lead Max and Pure Lead Plus both save costs, support your sustainability initiatives and can reduce UPS system footprint by up to 28%. Learn about our premium products to make the best choice for your data center.

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  • Low maintenance, no fumes

  • Charges quickly

  • Resistant to shock & vibration

  • Low & high temperatures

Pure Lead Plus
  • Can be operated in any orientation

  • Published rates down to 1 minute

  • Outdoor controlled and uncontrolled

  • 12+ years battery life

VLA Flooded
  • Long life

  • Long runtimes

  • Resistant to overcharging

  • Requires regular watering


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C&D is committed to providing battery power and backup solutions to support your critical operations. Find the battery that fits your unique needs.


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