KCR Flooded Battery

KCR Flooded Battery

  • KCR Flooded Battery

KCR Flooded Battery

Designed to offer a wide range of capacities within a small footprint, the KCR Flooded Battery excels in a variety of applications. Plates that are cast with a proprietary alloy and process extend the life and performance of this battery.

BAttery Quick Facts
Battery type

Flooded (VLA)


200 - 825

design life

20 Years

operating environment

Indoor Outdoor Controlled

Certifications & Compliances

Class 1E certified for nuclear applications TAA Compliant BAA Compliant

Features & Benefits

  • Single-cell design for reduced weight per jar and ease of handling
  • Proven history of 20+ years of service life
  • Copper-inserted posts reduce resistance and increase system reliability
  • Dual hole post design allows connector maintenance without removing the battery from service
  • 100% Out of box capacity
  • Waterbath charging results in consistently formed plates for reliable performance
  • Computer-controlled heli-arc welded post seals result in consistent and reliable seals for less maintenance and longer product life.