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Providing critical battery backup solutions to government facilities for over 40 years

Gas turbine electrical power plant with in Twilight power for factory energy
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Industry leading experience & products for government-run energy facilities

C&D’s Switchgear and Control (SG&C) batteries offer critical backup power to switchgear, pumps, monitors, and communication systems in electric power transmission and distribution substations, electric power plants, petroleum processing plants, built-in production centers, and pipeline. C&D manufactures Flooded (VLA) and Valve Regulated (VRLA) batteries that comply with the highest SG&C scores and installation demands such as:

  • 2V Pure Lead VRLA cells with a 20-year design life

  • High-capacity VLA (flooded) cells with a 20-year design life

C&D’s premium quality VLA batteries (DCU, KCR, LCR, LCY, and LCUN) are designed, tested, and qualified for Nuclear Class 1-E applications. These batteries are the most desired batteries for installation in nuclear power plants. C&D has empowered about 70% of the North American nuclear power plants with dependable power solutions for over 40 years.


TEL Series Battery
  • Low maintenance, no fumes

  • Charges quickly

  • Resistant to shock & vibration

  • Low & high temperatures

MCT-HP Flooded Battery
VLA Flooded
  • Long life

  • Long runtimes

  • Resistant to overcharging

  • Requires regular watering

Advanced Energy Storage Lead Carbon AGM Battery
Nano-Carbon AGM (VRLA)
  • 3,000 cycles @ 50% DOD

  • Partial State of Charge (PSoC) Operation

Pure Lead Plus UPS Battery
VRLA Pure Lead
  • Reduced operating costs

  • 98% recyclable

  • High temperature operation

  • Reduced footprint; fewer batteries

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Optimize grid-tied and off-grid applications with Liberty® AES

C&D’s Liberty® AES series is an AGM design featuring Nano-Carbon® technology to offer a longer service life in demanding cyclic applications. This series is ideal for grid-tied and off-grid applications that require reliable back up power while also being able to operate PSoC.

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