TEL-HT High Temperature Pure Lead AGM Battery

TEL-HT High Temperature Pure Lead AGM Battery

  • TEL-HT High Temperature Pure Lead AGM Battery

TEL-HT High Temperature Pure Lead AGM Battery

The TEL High Temperature series batteries are designed to provide standby power to critical applications in the telecommunications industry. They undergo extensive life cycle testing to ensure the longest and most reliable service life possible. Available in C&D’s unique, patented C&D True Front Access container.

BAttery Quick Facts
Battery type



31 - 195 Amp-Hours

design life

12+ Years

operating environment

Indoor Outdoor Controlled Outdoor Uncontrolled

Certifications & Compliances

Meets NEBS™ GR63 CORE, GR4228/SR4228 Telcordia UL94-V0 Flame retardant Case and Cover UL1989 Compliant


Proprietary Technologies

Pure Lead with MSE Technology
  • Up to 40% longer life than VRLA

  • Up to 24-month shelf life

C&D Ohmic Ring™ w/ Lock-On Capability
  • Higher measurement accuracy

  • Improve system reliability

C&D True Front Access™
  • Internally welded front terminals

  • Easier to install and maintain

Features & Benefits

  • 12+ year design life
  • 12-volt monobloc
  • Technology: Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)
  • Available in top terminal and patented True Front Access Terminal designs
  • TEL High Temp uses MSE Pure Lead Plus Technology for ultra-low float current, extending the life of the battery
  • AGM technology allows is Non-hazardous for easy shipping and eliminate periodic water maintenance
  • Extended service life in elevated temperature applications
  • Premium Materials and Components
  • Reduced Maintenance Terminal Design
  • Battery may be stored up to 2 years at 77⁰F (25°C)
  • True Front Access (only on the Front Terminal products) Patented front access terminal design
  • C&D Ohmic Ring™ Provides most reliable and easy maintenance readings