Providing battery power solutions to the telecom industry for over 50 years

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Telecom industry technical leader

C&D has been a leader in innovation and new technologies for phone and cable providers for more than fifty years. Partnering with multiple service providers, C&D supplies the reserve power solutions needed to keep up with emerging technologies for emergency call centers, wireless networks, cable TV distribution facilities, and remote communications sites. C&D offers a wide range of products to fit each unique telecom application, including:

  • 12V Pure Lead monoblocs with 12–15-year design life

  • 2V Pure Lead VRLA cells with a 20-year design life

  • High capacity VLA (flooded) cells with a 20-year design life

Each C&D VRLA battery used in telecom applications is designed and tested to Telcordia’s SR-4228 requirements and each C&D VLA battery is qualified to GR-63 (NEBS) to ensure safety and reliability in service.


MCT-HP Flooded Battery
VLA Flooded
  • Long life

  • Long runtimes

  • Resistant to overcharging

  • Requires regular watering

TEL Series Battery
  • Low maintenance, no fumes

  • Charges quickly

  • Resistant to shock & vibration

  • Low and high temperature

Broadband Gel BBG Battery
  • Ideal for temperature extremes

  • Up to 220 runtime minutes

  • Proven low total cost of ownership

  • Extended battery life

Pure Lead Plus UPS Battery
VRLA Pure Lead
  • Reduced operating costs

  • 98% recyclable

  • Reduced footprint; fewer batteries

  • High temperature operation

TEL-HT High Temp Telecom Batteries

Long life & performance in extreme temperatures

The TEL High Temperature (HT) Series is designed to provide standby power to critical applications in the telecom industry. These batteries undergo extensive life cycle testing to ensure the longest and most reliable service life possible.
TEL-HT brings together all the best features from C&D’s previous telecom models to deliver a quality batteries designed to withstand rigorous heat environments.

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