4LCY Flooded Battery

4LCY Flooded Battery

  • 4LCY Flooded Battery

4LCY Flooded Battery

C&D Technologies offers the 4LCY Series in both Telecom and Energy & Infrastructure versions. Both versions contain proprietary techniques optimized for each market’s requirements. This results in superior performance and reliability over the life of the battery.

BAttery Quick Facts
Battery type

Flooded (VLA)


248 - 669 Amp-Hours

design life

20 Years

operating environment

Indoor Outdoor Controlled

Certifications & Compliances

NEBS Certified TAA Compliant BAA Compliant

Features & Benefits

  • Different paste formulas for Telecom and Energy & Infrastructure applications
  • Four-cell design offers reduced length for optimum space utilization (shorter racks)
  • Fewer bolted connectors per battery string reduce installation and maintenance costs
  • Flame-retardant covers for enhanced battery plant safety
  • Suspended positive plate permits free growth without pressure on jar and cover
  • Snap-on, intercell-connector insulating covers
  • Terminals accessible for measurement of individual cell voltages
  • Soft rubber post seal minimizes stress on post
  • Transparent container allows visual inspection of plates
  • Switchgear models are tested at 100% capacity assuring performance of every battery
  • 20-year float life