Liberty AES Nano-Carbon AGM Battery

Liberty AES Nano-Carbon AGM Battery

  • Liberty AES Nano-Carbon AGM Battery

Liberty AES Nano-Carbon AGM Battery

C&D’s Liberty® AES Nano-Carbon series features an AGM design with Nano-Carbon® technology to offer a longer service life in demanding cyclic applications. This series excels in grid-tied and off-grid applications that require reliable back up power while also being able to operate PSoC.

BAttery Quick Facts
Battery type

VRLA Nano-Carbon AGM (VRLA)


124 - 1834 Amp-Hours

design life

3,000 Cycles @ 50% DoD

operating environment

Indoor Outdoor Controlled Outdoor Uncontrolled

Certifications & Compliances

TAA Compliant UL-Recognized Component ISO 9001 – Quality System Certification

Proprietary Technologies

C&D Ohmic Ring™ w/ Lock-On Capability
  • Higher measurement accuracy

  • Improve system reliability

Nano-Carbon Technology
  • Supports PSOC (Partial State of Charge)

  • Up to 3,000 cycles at 50% DoD

Features & Benefits

  • C&D Nano-Carbon® enhanced active material to maximize cycle performance and PSoC operation
  • Low calcium Lead/Tin alloy plates for efficient gas recombination for long life in both cycling and float applications
  • Threaded copper alloy inserts for reduced maintenance and increased safety
  • Rugged case design made of a strong polypropylene that protects all day against extreme temperature, shock and vibrations.
  • 50Ah and 100Ah size models
  • Modular design for ease of installation and stacking flexibility
  • Custom configurations allow for upright, side or mounted use
  • Terminal versatility – ease of ohmic readings with C&D Ohmic Ring®
  • Versatile, maintenance-free solution with no watering required
  • Reduced system hardware for rapid installation and reduction in maintenance time
  • 100% helium leak tested and dielectric tested to ensure seal integrity
  • 95% round trip efficiency and 99.9% charge efficiency
  • Many systems meet IBC and UBC seismic requirements'
  • High-strength, leak-free polymer container allows for non-restricted shipping.
    • Water: non-hazardous per IMDG Amendment 27
    • Surface non-hazardous per DOT-CFR title 49, 171-189 Air: IATA/ICAO, provision A67