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MISSION CRITICAL: Reliability and Cost-Effective Solutions for Data Centers

by Eric Lehmann, Director Quality Services

"Lead-acid batteries have been a preferred method of ensuring power reliability for decades, backing up mission-critical facilities all over the world. As with any system, users are constantly looking for ways to improve on the technology to make it more cost effective and more efficient . . ."

TECHNICAL BULLETIN: Parallel Operation of Lead Acid Batteries

"Just as plates can be connected in parallel to increase the capacity of a cell, completed cells and series connected strings of cells can be connected in parallel to increase the capacity of the battery system."

TECHNICAL BULLETIN: Self-Discharge and Inventory Control

"The lead acid battery will exhibit a degree of self-discharge during periods of disuse and while on open circuit while in inventory. The rate of self-discharge for a specific design of battery is a function of grid allow, plate thickness, spacing (separator thickness), and electrolyte specific gravity."