C&D Technologies Introduces High Temperature Telecom Battery that Delivers Cost Savings and Long-lasting Backup Power

New TEL-HT batteries lower Total Cost of Ownership for operators and provide reliable performance in extreme environments.

TEL-HT High Temperature Pure Lead AGM Battery

Horsham, PA – April 1, 2024. C&D Technologies, a leader in innovation and delivery of energy storage solutions to power the world safely and sustainably for over a century, introduces TEL-HT telecom high temperature valve regulated lead–acid (VRLA) batteries. The TEL-HT series features C&D’s longest-lasting VRLA batteries for the telecom market and creates approximately 20% cost savings to provide operators with reliable, cost-efficient backup power.

"Our new TEL-HT is the most recent example of C&D innovation. Services providers realize lower cost of ownership and reliable performance, so they have greater piece of mind related to backup power.

"TEL-HT combines our advanced MSE Pure Lead technology, optimized grid alloys, True Front Access® terminal design, and meticulous attention to quality in every step of the manufacturing process. The results are significant," said Karen Pugliese, Vice President, Global Sales for C&D Technologies.

20% Cost Savings, 2x Battery Life

The TEL-HT VRLA batteries combine C&D’s MSE Pure Lead technology with additional C&D innovation to create multiple benefits for service providers:

  • 20% Cost Savings. The industry-leading warranty generates an estimated 20% cost savings for operators, who can extend their replacement cycles an additional 1-2 years, compared to a conventional VRLA battery.

  • 2x Longer Battery Life. MSE Pure Lead requires lower float currents, which slows grid corrosion and limits water loss by 50%, allowing the batteries to operate safely at higher temperatures. This also contributes to an extended design life of 12+ years, more than twice that of conventional VRLA batteries. Its two-year storage life is twice as long as other VRLA batteries, as well.

  • Wide Operating Temperature Range. Reduced float current and other benefits are realized with MSE Pure Lead. The result is that TEL-HT batteries operate at a wide temperature range of -40° to 160° F to provide reliable performance in extreme climates. Elevated temperatures are also accounted for in the industry-leading warranty.

  • Product Reliability. TEL-HT batteries are designed with True Front Access featuring patented Extrusion Fusion Weld technology that allows a direct weld from the battery plates to the front access terminal of each monobloc. Due to this technology, TEL-HT batteries have reduced points of failure and require less maintenance.

TEL-HT Helps Achieve Sustainability Goals

Backup batteries must provide reliable power, as they often perform in harsh environments and remote locations. C&D Technologies conducts extensive long-life testing on the TEL-HT batteries to ensure their reliability. The batteries are compliant with the UL1989 standard, while the strong polypropylene case and cover meet the UL94-V0 standard to protect battery components from elements that can cause corrosion.

TEL-HT VRLA batteries also support sustainability efforts of service providers. The warranty covers the TEL-HT batteries even at elevated temperatures, which means lower cooling costs. They are made with 80% recycled materials and are 98% recyclable.

Telecom Batteries for Variety of Applications

The TEL-HT VRLA batteries deliver reliable backup power in virtually any critical telecom application. Their design and long life make them especially well-suited for installation in uncontrolled environments, such as wireline outside plant, wireless cell sites, broadband outside plant, and microwave repeaters.

About C&D Technologies

C&D Technologies manufactures and designs innovative battery systems for storing and transmitting electrical power, primarily for standby power applications. The telecom, utilities, cable, broadband, government, infrastructure, UPS, renewable energy, and other mission-critical sectors depend on us to protect their data and keep their systems running. Headquartered in Horsham, Pennsylvania, C&D has manufacturing facilities in the United States, Mexico, and China and a joint venture operation in China. C&D Technologies also owns Trojan Battery Company.