DJ-HP Flooded Battery

DJ-HP Flooded Battery

  • DJ-HP Flooded Battery

DJ-HP Flooded Battery

A versatile battery, the DJ-High Performance (HP) battery can be used in Telecom, Data Center and other utility applications. Featuring a recessed vent area to collect water and acid spills away from the posts and cover, lowers maintenance and clean-up costs while extending the life of your battery.

BAttery Quick Facts
Battery type

Flooded (VLA)


130 -269 Amp-Hours

design life

20 Years

operating environment

Indoor Outdoor Controlled

Certifications & Compliances

TAA Compliant BAA Compliant UL94-VO Jar and Cover

Features & Benefits

  • Cell designs reduce footprint and installation time
  • Individual posts allow isolation and monitoring of single cells
  • Soft-cup and epoxy post seal allows growth without transmitting force to the cover
  • Optimized grid alloy and design minimizes plate growth
  • Unique jar shape improves energy density and aids installation
  • 100% out of box capacity
  • Low-evaporation, flame-arrester vent to extend watering intervals and prevent external sparks from reacting with the hydrogen inside the cell
  • Top suspended positive plate design allows free downward growth without pressure on jar, cover or post seal — extending reliability and product life
  • Wrapped separator design extends cycle life — improving product reliability