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How industry leaders have been using C&D power solutions to power their operations for over 100 years


C&D Case Studies

Read up on C&D case studies. Our case studies show how C&D batteries solve problems and add value to energy storage projects around the world.


A safer, easier-to-support solution

Mitigating Human Errors in Data Centers by Picking a Better UPS Battery

Failures in UPS systems are a major source of data center outages. Human error is a significant cause of these issues. Read an article about preventing failures by enabling access.


CNN Data Center Case Study

Pure Lead Plus® UPS Battery made its way into the CNN data center in 2018.

C&D’s UPS12-705PLP was preferred over other manufacturers for its True Front Access, PLP technology, and industry-leading warranty.

Over the years, CNN has experienced a cleaner, easier-to-maintain data center with overall cost savings on installation, racking, cabling, and site planning.


Energy Storage in Boothbay, Maine Case Study

Located in a small coastal town with a population of 2,000 is the first non-wires alternative (NWA) application of battery-based storage for utility infrastructure in the US, using advanced lead batteries.

Together with Convergent and other partners, C&D Technologies helped supply a 0.5 MW energy storage NWA solution to support Boothbay’s electricity grid, which experiences increased peak load during the summer’s major tourism surge.

Since 2015, the system has maintained 100% uptime during peak summer months, demonstrating the reliability and responsiveness of energy storage as a utility resource.


Anti-Theft Advanced Energy Storage Case Study

Preventing the theft of batteries is crucial in areas where power is on an unstable grid. C&D rose to the challenge of one customer by engineering our first anti-theft solution for a partial state-of-charge operation (PSoC).

Leveraging our AES product line, with advanced C&D Nano-Carbon and DCS technology, C&D created an 8-volt VRLA AGM GC2 size battery with a hardened steel anti-theft bus bar and unique installation method.

The non-standard size, voltage, string pattern, and busbar are a triple threat that help deter theft.